• ALM Partners Ltd Key Figures of Fiscal Year 2017

    In our growth tale of 2017, our company launched a successful cooperation with three new Finnish financial organizations and developed structures of cooperation in Sweden. We provide our customers with top level expertise, solutions, and services.
  • Professionals of Asset and Liability Management

    Founded in 2010, ALM Partners Ltd. is a growing company specialized in financial Asset and Liability Management. We are a mainly employee-owned, Finnish enterprise consisting of more than 40 experts.

Reasons to choose us

The best services for your business needs
Managing Net Interest Income and Interest Rate Risk

Our knowledge of net interest income (NII) and interest rate risk management is widely recognized. We have built a team of consultants with profound experience from the fields of management, analysis, and simulation of cash flows in various financial companies. We also help our customers with more advanced issues such as funds transfer pricing (FTP) and financial asset valuation.

Treasury Systems and Services

ALM Partners provides treasury solutions to financial and non-financial companies in the Nordic countries. Our services include software need and requirements assessment, specification, delivery, and configuration. We also provide maintenance, support desk, and process automation services. We have helped our customer to create finance strategy and financial policies.

Government Policies, Regulation, and Reporting

The financial sector is known for its reporting requirements; just keeping up with the continuously changing requirements calls for large investments. To help with this issue, we at ALM Partners consult our customers about reporting standards and provide outsourcing solutions. Currently, we produce various reports (e.g. liquidity, net interest income, and net present value) that fulfill the requirements of various governing bodies. By outsourcing your reporting to us, you can focus on your core business.

Managing Liquidity Risk

With our liquidity management services, our customers can more accurately analyze and forecast their cash in- and outflows. This allows them to better determine their liquidity needs and optimize the size and allocation of their liquidity reserves. By doing this, a company can ensure that it remains solvent in a cost-efficient manner even in distressed times. We also provide various reports for company management which also fulfill the requirements of prevailing regulations (e.g. Basel III, LCR, and NSFR).

Analytics and Business Intelligence in Banking

We know the importance of transforming ideas into figures; by investing in customer analytics, a company can greatly develop its operations. Our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants have prestigious expertise in data analytics, databases, and reporting tools. With this skillset, we are well-equipped to help our customers in building, transforming, and developing an existing platform to the next level. Currently, our consultants work in roles such as data architects, developers, and project managers in numerous companies.

Efficient Solutions in a Proactive Manner

We provide our customers with efficient solutions in a proactive manner. We are known to be well-informed about the future developments in the financial sector. For instance, we have provided expert advice about the upcoming IFRS 9 regulation for years. As a result, various Nordic banks are already well-prepared and use our solutions in, for example, measuring expected credit losses (ECL).

Meet the management

Alm Partners management team

Aaro Mäkelä

Aaro has a strong financial background in risk management and treasury functions. He ensures that our customers receive sterling service from our team of highly-skilled professionals, within the agreed schedule and budget. His titles include the first Vice-President of the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation and a board member of the public law National Defence Training Association of Finland. In addition, he works in the boards of a number of Finnish SMEs. Outside of his work, Aaro loves to spend time with his family, along with hunting and fishing.

Risto Tammela

Risto is an IT architect with a business background. His career of over ten years includes designing the ALM system of six Finnish banking groups. Furthermore, Risto has worked on BI projects for a pension insurance company and for a core banking system conversion. He has Master’s degrees in both economics and statistics, and his strongest technologies are SQL Server along with its expansions and Tableau. Risto is a certified user of the FIS Ambit Focus ALM software as well as a certified Scrum Master. In his spare time, Risto can either be found on a tatami wearing a rash guard or camouflaged in the woods.

Harri Ikola

Harri has over ten years of experience in BI reporting. His responsibilities have spanned all the way from designing databases to producing the actual reports. Lately, Harri has been working as a project coordinator, making sure that the big picture is clear and completed on schedule. His strength is that he understands the customer’s business needs as well as how to solve their technical issues. At home, three young children have kept Harri’s evenings busy. He likes to spend any spare time he can find with his friends and playing indoor sports.

Mika Mattila

Mika’s career began in teaching and research at the Turku School of Economics. He’s become deeply acquainted with the Finnish banking sector, having been responsible for his customers’ risk management services as a whole and having managed various projects on risk management and regulatory reporting. Recently, Mika has focused on development projects related to liquidity risk and the soon-to-be-adopted IFRS 9. His working life is balanced by his diverse interest in sports, the most important of which are jogging and golf.

Karl Sumelius

Karl’s more than 15-year-long career began in a branch of Aktia Bank while he was still studying. His enthusiasm towards investing and asset management led Karl through Aktia’s back office to a multi-year position as a stock broker. Since 2007, his work has been closely tied with the interest rate markets as well as managing balance sheet and liquidity risks. Today, Karl is in charge of ALM Partners’ analytics services, where he shines as a cooperative, trustworthy and flexible team player. In his free time, Karl can be found at his summer cabin in the Sipoo archipelago.


What our customers says about us
ALM Partners has had an important role in the change of Aktia’s core banking system with regards to verifying the condition of the data. ALM Partners has developed a BI-tool (Cladiator) which the bank’s professionals use to ensure that information associated with the banking products is transferred correctly during the transition. As a consultant, the strengths of ALM Partners include a strong familiarity with the financial sector, locality, flexibility and a customer-oriented approach. Proficiency in financial services combined with technical expertise makes providing high-quality and versatile support in system changeovers possible.
Magnus Weurlander Director, Aktia pl
Preparing for IFRS9 ECL regulations has gone smoothly and efficiently with the solution provided by ALM Partners. The solution was implemented using the software of ALM Partners’ global associate (FIS). This software was professionally configured to suit our needs with the help of local ALM Partners experts. The project is advancing on schedule and according to our wishes. The ECL project has once again proven the reliability and flexibility of ALM Partners as an associate.
Jaakko PulliCRO, POP Bank Alliance
ALM Partners’ asset and liability management solutions have had an important role in planning the business activity of Savings Banks and in adjusting interest rate risk exposure to correspond to one’s own risk preferences. This can be seen in the Savings Banks’ ability to make profit and their enhanced resilience to fluctuations caused by business cycles, especially in the environment of low interest rates. I believe that ALM Partners brings crucial expertise to both the Savings Banks Group as a whole in preparing for the new European banking regulations as well as for individual Savings Banks in managing the risks in their balance sheets.
Tomi NärhinenCEO, Savings Banks Amalgamation
Aktia’s long culture of active asset and liability management has provided a clear competitive advantage over other market participants in the low interest rate environment of recent years. The ALM solutions offered by ALM Partners allow for long-term planning of banking business with respect to both net interest income and financial structure. Other professional services pertaining to asset and liability management are helpful in executing planned business operations efficiently as well as guiding business activities internally. As a flexible and entrepreneurial associate, ALM Partners guarantees efficient operation, clear-cut reporting and swift fulfillment of customer requests in ALM services.
Stefan BjörkmanCFO, Aktia plc
ALM Partners’ ability to present and find solutions convinced us. Their locality was also an advantage.
Heli HuhtalaHead of Treasury, Ålandsbanken