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ALM Partners is a mainly employee-owned limited company, whose primary business began in early 2011 when the company bought the business activities of ALM Partners’ predecessor, the asset and liability management department of Aktia Bank plc. The department had been providing modern ALM services for Aktia Bank since 2003 as well as for a segment of the Savings Banks and POP Bank groups since the fall of 2004.

Today, our company employs more than 40 professionals of financial services with a 2016 revenue of € 4.1 million. Our core services and expertise are still in financial asset and liability management: dynamic interest rate and liquidity risk management and related regulation such as IRRBB and LCR. Since the beginning, our solutions and services have expanded along with new regulations and market demands to also cover various aspects of treasury management for both the financial sector and other private corporations. We offer high-quality services supporting ALM and treasury activities as well as handle projects of system improvement and development. We also engage in our customers’ ventures as experts of business and implementation in roles such as domain experts, architects, test leaders and project managers. You can explore our services in more detail below.

We are the official representative of FIS Ambit software in Finland. FIS is a global company with a revenue of $ 9.2 billion and a distinguished track record; for example, FIS was listed as one of the FORTUNE Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2016.

Our top priority is to provide our customers with efficient first-class solutions supporting the decision making of everyday business and risk management.

Our Services

Managing Net Interest Income and Interest Rate Risk

Our knowledge of net interest income (NII) and interest rate risk management is widely recognized. We have built a team of consultants with profound experience from the fields of management, analysis, and simulation of cash flows in various financial companies. In fact, many of us have over ten years of experience in these areas. This enables us to provide tailored education and consultation services on how customers can increase their NII and manage their interest rate risk more efficiently. We also help our customers with more advanced issues such as funds transfer pricing (FTP) and financial asset valuation.

Managing Liquidity Risk

With our liquidity management services, our customers can more accurately analyze and forecast their cash in- and outflows. This allows them to better determine their liquidity needs and optimize the size and allocation of their liquidity reserves. By doing this, a company can ensure that it remains solvent in a cost-efficient manner even in distressed times. We also provide various reports for company management which also fulfill the requirements of prevailing regulations (e.g. Basel III, LCR, and NSFR).

Our Services

Treasury Systems and Services

ALM Partners provides treasury solutions to financial and non-financial companies in the Nordic countries. Our services include software need and requirements assessment, specification, delivery, and configuration. We also provide maintenance, support desk, and process automation services. We have helped our customer to create finance strategy and financial policies. We can also provide our expertise in the following areas of corporate finance: capital structure optimization, enhanced usage of the total balance sheet, financial risk identification and hedging. We have also expertise of various relevant products: debt and hybrid instruments, derivatives and commercial guarantees.

Analytics and Business Intelligence in Banking

We know the importance of transforming ideas into figures; by investing in customer analytics, a company can greatly develop its operations. Our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants have prestigious expertise in data analytics, databases, and reporting tools. With this skillset, we are well-equipped to help our customers in building, transforming, and developing an existing platform to the next level. Currently, our consultants work in roles such as data architects, developers, and project managers in numerous companies.

Our Services

Government Policies, Regulation, and Reporting

The financial sector is known for its reporting requirements; just keeping up with the continuously changing requirements calls for large investments. To help with this issue, we at ALM Partners consult our customers about reporting standards and provide outsourcing solutions. Currently, we produce various reports (e.g. liquidity, net interest income, and net present value) that fulfill the requirements of various governing bodies. By outsourcing your reporting to us, you can focus on your core business.

Efficient Solutions in a Proactive Manner

We provide our customers with efficient solutions in a proactive manner. We are known to be well-informed about the future developments in the financial sector. For instance, we have provided expert advice about the upcoming IFRS 9 regulation for years. As a result, various Nordic banks are already well-prepared and use our solutions in, for example, measuring expected credit losses (ECL).

Our customers

Contact and company Information

ALM Partners Ltd.


Mechelininkatu 1a, 6th flr.
00180 Helsinki

Tel +358 10 279 6800
(8.35 c/call + 17.17 c/min)
Business ID 2372616-2

E-mail: info(at)
Personal e-mail addresses are formatted as firstname.lastname(at)

Billing address: PL 399, 00026 BASWARE
E-invoice address: 003723726162

CEO: Aaro Mäkelä
Tel. +358 50 540 5416

Chairman of the Board: Jukka Sarkanen
Tel. +358 50 3475 988


Company information

Company information


Business structure: Limited company

Founded: December 2010

Main owners: Employees

Business ID: 2372616-2

Line of business: Financial services

Revenue in 2017: c. € 4.6 million

Employees: 45

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