Privacy Policy at ALM Partners

ALM Partner Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of our website users according to the Personal Data Act (523/1999), the Act on the Protection of Privacy (516/2004), Finnish Information Society Code (917/2014), and other applicable legislation.

The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform what kind of data we collect on our website users, how we use the collected data and how we hand out any collected data to third parties. Our privacy statement also discloses the use of cookies on our website. By using the ALM Partners website, you approve the use of your personal data according to the privacy statement.

Processing Personal Data

ALM Partners may collect the personal data of users. Unless otherwise stated, personal data is being collected to provide, carry our and maintain electronic services; to develop customer service and business operations; for recruitment processes; for statistical purposes; and for communication between ALM Partners and the website user.

In processing personal data, we follow the effective Finnish Personal Data Act. We process personal data (name, address, email-address, phone number) within the limits of the legislation and according to its letter. In addition, personal data can be used for direct marketing.

Third parties can be used to process data, and in that case, data can be handed over to the data controller. Other processing of data requires the consent of the registered user or is based on specific regulation. Data can be transferred outside the European Union and European Economic Area as far as it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service required by the user or as far as it is necessary according to the principles of the Finnish Personal Data Act. 


Utilization of Cookies and Other Similar Techniques on the Website

The ALM Partners website uses cookies, which are a relevant part of the functionality of the service.

Cookies save data on how users use the website to improve its functionality and to guarantee the best possible user experience. We automatically collect data on the length and timing of the visit; which search statements, words, and engines are linked to the visit; which sites the user visits; and technical data of the user's computer or mobile device (including IP-address, ID of the device, physical location, browser, operator, and the type of operating system and related web addresses).

By using the website, you approve the use of cookies. You have the option to prevent the use of cookies by changing the options of your browser so that the browser does not allow saving cookies. In that case, you approve that preventing the use of cookies could affect the functionality of services. 

Cookies or other similar techniques, such as the local databank of the browser, do not damage the user's end device or files. The user cannot be recognized by the sole use of cookies.

Right of Access and Amendment Procedure

The privacy statement of ALM Partners has been last updated on 27.6.2017. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the privacy protocol described here and update the terms and conditions according to it. 

The registered user has the right to demand a record on what personal data has been saved to the person register. The request is to be sent, written and signed, to the following address:

ALM Partners Oy
Mechelininkatu 1A
00180 Helsinki

If you have any questions regarding to the use of personal data, either in general or about your own personal data, do not hesitate to contact:

info (at)